Introducing: Project-DSB

Two summers ago I packed my parent's car with a shedload of guitars and one Mr. Ant Law, and we drove across the UK to Edinburgh. There we spent a week recording music in the fine company of drummer Rami Sherrington, bassist Kevin Glasgow, and producer Garry Boyle.  Those sessions became known as:


Project DSB is a jazz-rock album, a labour of love panning many musical styles and influences. We unleashed odd time-signatures and unconventional harmony, and whip-cracked those unruly beasts into sonically gratifying themes. On the whole, we think we got the balance just right. We hope you'll enjoy hearing it as much as we did making it.

The first song from the album, 'Grain of Sand' is now available here.  Please help us share it and send us your feedback over on facebook or twitter.